3 Simple Steps

Building your own home-

It’s an exciting but incredibly daunting process.


You can hire an architect. This gives you the best odds for a design perfectly catered to your needs… but there’s no guarantee.

You will be spend many months and many thousand dollars for a result that ultimately, may not satisfy.


Or you can buy a stock home plan. The price is cheap, the process is quicker, and you know exactly what you’re getting.

But you’re trading uncertainty for a generic design. And the bare bones drawing sets leave too much to chance.


I’m offering a third approach: High quality design at stock plan prices.

And a unique process that allows you to customize your home to match your needs and personality.

A brand new approach in THREE SIMPLE STEPS:

shingle style floor plans series

STEP 1: Select a Plan Series

The Southampton Series, The Bar Harbor Series, The Lake George Series. From stately to playful, each series has a unique personality to match your neighborhood and lifestyle.

choose shingle style floor plan

STEP 2: Choose Your Plan

Instead of wading through 25,000 subpar plans, choose from a carefully curated selection of designs with soul, character, and a true connection to the landscape. And the detailed drawing sets mean your contractor doesn’t have to become a designer.

floor plan details

STEP 3: Customize Your Home

Select upgrades from electrical plans to interior details and call to discuss layout changes, many of them at no extra cost! Call me any time at 917 647-2039 for help with your plan selection and with the building process.