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Shingle Style Home Plans by David Neff, Architect

True shingle style design, the most detailed drawing sets, and free customization!
“I’ve spoken with a surprising number of people who gave up on the dream of building their own home.

It’s always the same story: working with an architect requires a huge investment of time and money. As for home plan sites- the price is right, but you get what you pay for… and who wants to sift through 25,000 plans?

This website is an attempt to bring custom-quality design to those who don’t necessarily have a bottomless budget, a carefully-curated selection of well-designed shingle style homes with a deep connection to the surrounding landscape.”


Collaborate directly with David Neff on selecting and customizing your shingle style dream home.
Call anytime 917 647-2039
A fun, affordable way to work with an architect in



that suits your personality and neighborhood


that meets your needs, site, and budget


with upgrades and alterations- many of them free!

Why choose our home plans?

1) Authentic shingle style designs

Most home plan sites offer boxy houses with a few gables and other architectural “features” sprinkled on the main facade to create visual “interest” and to connote a particular style. This is inch-deep shingle style without real soul or character.

shingle style house plans I’ve always been passionate about the shingle style. I’ve toured the country with my camera, read every book, and continue to study this quintessential American style which, done right, should exude a spirit of comfort, relaxation, and summertime leisure.


2) Good design all the way around your house

Ever notice that most home plan sites show rear and side views that look like a barely-designed jumble of doors and windows? Or that they sometimes won’t even show you the rear and sides at all? If they don’t want to show it, it can’t be good!
shingle style house plan rear elevationLook at the plans on this site and you’ll see that each side of every home is designed with care. Front, back, and sides all have balance and interest. Good architecture is not just about “curb appeal;” it unfolds in three dimensions.


3) Outdoor connection

Ready-made floor plan houses are often apartment-like in their inward-focus, meaning an awkward connection to the landscape that discourages outdoor enjoyment.
best house landscape connectionThe shingle style is about an outdoor lifestyle. Each house on this website shows a hypothetical site plan so you can imagine how your new home flows out into outdoor rooms.


4) Classic layouts

The competition’s plans typically have closet-size formal rooms with the exact same amorphous kitchen-breakfast-great room blob, resulting in a house with cookie-cutter character.
shingle style kitchen planTrue shingle style space flows effortlessly through wide openings. At the same time, each individual room should be strongly defined with a unique sense of place.


5) Drawings with Detail

The competition typically provides a bare-bones drawing set. This can mean construction delays and surprise additional costs as you and your contractor fill in the information gaps.
greenwich living room designHighly-detailed drawing sets create a speedy, conflict-free working relationship with your contractor. Make the process smoother still with optional interior detail drawings not offered by other plan sites.


6) “Master up”

A downstairs master bedroom suite can create tunnel-like procession of public rooms, choked off from light and views. It also creates much more ground-level square footage, meaning a larger footprint and significantly more expensive construction.
shingle style house plan siteVery few stock plans feature a second floor master. A “master up” house lets the first floor breathe and flow into outdoor rooms in all directions. (Plans can be customized to include an elevator and/or a first floor bedroom.)


7) Speak directly to David Neff

It can be overwhelming to sift through the 1000s of mediocre plans offered by the competition. And if you need to make plan alterations, you’ll likely be forced to work with a employee who lacks any formal architectural training.
David Neff, ArchitectHere’s my cellphone number: 917 647-2093. Call me anytime for help selecting the perfect plan for your family and your building site. If there’s anything that doesn’t work for you, I will make most plan changes for free. More extensive changes are available at a reasonable rate.